(Imaginary liner notes inspired by original Columbia/CBS promo poster)

Pythons hissin’ outta 207 East 30th – solar jam fragment interrupted – jungle pulse – strangulated brass – bass spurts venom into lava ‘n’ quicksand ‘n’ swamp – locks into a funk groove – darting guitars, staccato – keys Herb-aceous and Corea-n add shade – summer’s chokin’ – shirts ‘n’ pants stickin’ – shop fronts danglin’ – Black Satin, cruel overlord – street corners stare – dead eyes mean jackpot daddies – toxic bloodstreams – a new slavery – hustlers’ gleeful handclaps, whistles –

Trane’s gone ‘n’ Ayler too – Sly’s cracked – gauntlet opens – Miles, like Buddha, blinks – older muscles flex – social flux – fight is fadin’ – Black Power in retreat – Malcolm ‘n’ Martin – clean forgotten – Sister Ange’s liberation – dope ‘n’ suffocation – hammed up Blaxploitation – feverish desperation – no leaders leadin’ – loaded sidewalks pimpin’ – Nineteen Seventy Two – blue flu, absentee – urban anarchy – Riot Goin’ On – temperature risin’ – government conspirin’ – Hanoi ablaze – trouble on the street – won’t be long ‘fore Nix is beat… Think you’ve heard it all? Meet me ‘On The Corner.’ (JJ)


One thought on “47. MILES DAVIS – ON THE CORNER (1972)

  1. Thought this would be a good place to start. After finding ‘Bitches Brew’ CB went on an everything Miles kick. ‘Corner’ then ‘Get Up With It’ then a whole bunch more. Yeah, I still like this one. Dig the take.

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